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Business totem

I want to tell you a story. Once a man picked up an injured stork and nursed it back to health. The bird recovered in short time and in thanks got to its saviour a water-melon seed. The man planted the seed in spring and soon found on the field an enormous water-melon. When he brought it at home and cut open, there were golden coins instead of seeds.

We like this tale very much because on the language of characters and metaphors it precisely conveys the mission of our journal. And following the ancients, who believed that every man or community has a special totem, we have chosen a White Stork as our totem.

We want to believe, dear reader, that like this bird we bring you golden seeds.

And let these seeds of knowledge germinate in your life by golden coins, making you and your employees happier, your company – wealthier and your life – richer.
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