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Fundamental knowledge and applied technology for business development, better personal and professional effectiveness. In our journal we present business as a cultural phenomenon and the businessman as a herald of the definite ideology who perceive himself, business and world.

Brand code

Clue to optimal business solutions.


We suppose our mission in initiating into practical knowledge which starts money’s logic and defines human’s existence.


We position ourselves as the edition that has been created for those who are in advance, ready for development for the sake of themselves and their business, who realize that it is the man who is the most essential in the business, who look further that others, who are aiming at the success and accurate management of business-processes and realize that every success is called forth by the Leader. And that is the Leader, his vision and insight, his adequate perception of himself and economical reality, his accuracy in taking solution is that very clue, the reference point on which his personal and company success is founded.

Our audience

Managers and CEOs.


The target of our edition is to present business from various points of view as an integral phenomenon. And to present the businessman as a man of business, affair: the catalyst of changes, capable to reform situations, influence people and turn the vision into reality. Our edition is destined to charge with energy, giving clues to optimal business solutions.

Content description

The content is organized starting from the journal’s name and brand code. Per se, the content is its pithy development.

The first semantic kernel of the content, its core notion, is Russian word-figure clutch with all its associative, symbolic and homonymous meaning. The first meaning is “key”, “clue” – an instrument for unlocking various locks (new opportunities, resources, ways, problem solutions) and the second one is “spring” – the source of slaking the thirst of cognition, whose absence makes life nonsensical.

The second semantic kernel of the content is the notion “business”, that is affair that let a businessman express himself in the world. Following the famous saying “the man is happy as much as he makes happiness himself” we can formulate a significant maxim about businessmen: the businessman is successful as much as he succeeds. Business is the reflection of the businessman inner world. As well as its creator it is triune: it possesses spirit (ideological position), soul (psycho energetic potential, employees) and flesh (material resources). So the clue to the success w should look for in integrity and harmonious unanimity of these three components. And this conception is conveyed in the content of the business journal Business Clue, in its structural organization.


 The business journal Business Clue consists of main three sections: Business Science, Business Psychology and Business and Spirituality and an additional one – Business Style. The following columns in each section present different sides of running business:
  • Business Science: Marketing, Management, PR, Advertising, Human resources  management, Finances, Career (“Story of success”, “Visiting card”), Businessman’s library.
  • Business Psychology: Leadership, Business-tale, Visual culture, Psycho technology. 
  • Business and spirituality: Ideology, Factor of consciousness, Stories for meditation, Business etymology.
  • Business Style: gives the reader an opportunity to be in the know of the dominant events in the fashion world, tells about hot trends among luxury brands, introduce to the lifestyle of the Russian and world elite, publishes fashion experts and celebrities’ opinions.
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